• the lab

    Photolab is the most complete photography lab in Greece and one of the best in Europe. During a recent visit to our lab, Prada’s printing product manager praised Photolab, describing it as one of the best photography labs that she has ever visited before.

    Since 1979, we continuously offering to our clients services based on the best quality and the friendly service. Photolab’s owner is Nikos Actidis and today “the baton has passed” to his son, Stratos.

  • equipment

    We own top equipment which can be compared to the equivalent that other labs have abroad. It can not be left into chance the fact that European visitors have praised Photolab’s facilities and our high-leveled equipment.

    We own seven different printers (Durst Lambda 130, Fujifilm Frontier 355, Mimaki JF 1631 UV, Epson 9900 Fine Art, Roland SJ 740 Eco Solvent, Epson 9890 Sublimation, Konica Minolta Bizhub C6000 Digital Offset), a router cutter (Zund G3 250), a thermotransfer printer (Sefa PST 1510), lamination machines, along with high technology computers (Apple Mac Pro), digital scanners (Durst Sigma, Fujifilm Lanovia C550) and colour management equipment (X-Rite i1 Display Pro, i1 io robotic spectophotometer).

  • our team

    Photolab’s team consists of a high proficient and fully skilled staff that their main goal is the friendly service and the provision of the best quality services to our clients. Our team is always ready to work with/for you and of course to come to your expectations.

  • our history

    Photolab made its first steps in the market in 1979, the period of absolute analog photography. Dark rooms, enlargers, and chemicals were the main structure of every photographic lab those days. Since then, our lab invested in technological equipment, know-how and the right partners. In the end of the 80’s Photolab was already one of the most conscientious, efficient and quality Greek photography labs.

    In the middle of 90’s, the digital period made its first shyly steps. We sensed very quickly the radical changes that were about to come, so we decided to include to our existing equipment digital technology and services. The evolution that followed was really radical. During the last 15 years our structure, our equipment and our services changed completely. The analog period became history… and masses of digital machines, computers, printers, cutting systems and services are now in our lives. A daily routine that some years ago supposed to be science fiction.

  • pioneering

    In 1992 we made the difference and we brought in the Greek market one of the first plotters. In the middle of 90’s we set one of the best film recorders, Kodak LVT, and in 1999 the first Durst Lambda 130, the best worldwide printer concerning photo materials. In 2008 we were the first to apply the UV print technique upon plexiglass. In 2013 Photolab became the first Greek Official Chromaluxe Lab and one of the five only in Europe, which supports the unique Metal Print method.

    In addition, in 2014 our lab became the first photography print lab which owns a router cutter, and at the same time we entered dynamically in the digital offset printing field.

  • lambda c-print

    photosensitive paper printing

    The best method in the world for printing in classic photosensitive chemical papers. You can choose between materials like photographic paper glossy, matt, metallic, duraflex (the old Cibachrome) or duratrans (backlit photographic transparency).

    Definitely your first choice for top quality prints!

  • metal print

    special printing on metal

    The most impressive printing method currently in America and Europe! It combines top quality printing, sharpness and contrast, while being our most durable material.

    Photolab is the only Official Chromaluxe Lab in Greece and just one of only five in Europe!

    Learn more here.

  • giclee fine art

    fine art printing

    Giclee fine art prints using unique fiber based papers. Top quality printing in sizes up to 110cm wide. With these materials, you will discover a unique and individual touch, certain to impress you. Each has different texture, tone and weight. Therefore you can have a unique effect, depending on the material you choose.

  • plexiglass

    plexiglass printing

    Direct UV printing on the back side of a plexiglass. Since 2008 Photolab was the first lab to apply this technique, in which no adhesive exists between the material and print.

    One of the most impressive printing methods!

  • digital offset

    digital offset printing

    Print your business card, posters, photos in large quantities, brochures, postcards, small prints, corporate promotional items, stationery etc. Maximum size 32x60cm and maximum paper weight 300gr. These prints big advantage is their low cost, wide range of papers and most of all the top quality offered by Photolab!

  • UV printing

    print on everything

    Printing on every surface up to 5cm thick and sizes up to 160x300cm. This technology uses an Ultra Violet lamp, which "freezes" inks instantly, as they touch the surface we want to print on. With this method, you can print your files in whatever material you want!

  • large format

    commercial ink jet printing

    Large format ink jet printing using eco solvent inks for internal and external use. Maximum print width 185cm, always at maximum printing resolution. Ideal print on canvas, vinyl and many other commercial and not only materials.

  • lambda c-print BW

    black & white

    The best method for printing Lambda-C prints in classic black and white photosensitive paper Ilford Gallerie RC. Enjoy top quality black and white prints, without any tint in colour. Photolab is the only lab in Greece that implements this method and just one of few in Europe!

  • minilab frontier

    photosensitive printing

    Top quality laser printing using photosensitive chemical paper, glossy or matt. Available sizes from 9x13cm to 25x38cm. The quality of those prints is equivalent to the Lambda-C prints. Still the machine's continuous production makes it more economical..

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metal print

The most impressive printing method currently in America and Europe! Printing is done inside the material by the process of ink sublimation.

The result is breathtaking with rich, bright colours, strong contrast and top image quality and sharpness. It is available in four types (White Glossy, White Matt, Clear Glossy, Clear Matt).

The biggest advantage of these prints, is that they remain durable and indestructible over time. No papers, adhesives or other materials are used. The printing is transferred directly on the surface of aluminium or wood. So it is not affected by environmental conditions, such as heat or moisture.

Photolab is the only Official Chromaluxe Lab in Greece and one of only five in the whole of Europe. It is also one of the few laboratories that supports Metal Print in sizes up to 90x140cm!

It is the ultimate choice for areas that require durable materials, such as hotels, offices, workplaces, etc. as well as for photographic exhibitions or projects requiring top quality and durability.

interior decoration

Photolab offers you a variety of options for interior decoration. Choose over the best printing materials for this use and you will be impressed by the outcome!

Particularly Metal Print is the ultimate choice for any kind of decoration due to its top features. Free from papers, glows, adhesives or any other material which means that your material is very durable, water resistant, not affected by environmental conditions like humidity etc. Worth mentioning that you can even light a fire on the emulsion without any risk! Metal Print is actually a printing revolution that transforms your photos to a vivid work of art.

Equally impressive results you may have over Plexiglass or other kind of prints, although less resistant. Their main advantage is the large size of printing, with maximum available dimension of 160x300cm.

Last but not least, you can try our new digital cutter and create even more fascinated structures that meet the taste of yours! Just use your imagination and create logos, letters, shapes or thousands of other applications on a vast variety of materials such as wood, plastic, paper and many more.

  • UV print on Plexiglass for AMANZO’E hotel.
  • UV print on Plexiglass for AMANZO’E hotel.
  • UV print on Plexiglass for AMANZO’E hotel.
  • Lambda C-Print on Duraflex for En Lefko hotel.
  • UV print on Plexiglass for Nikki Beach hotel.
  • Metal Print for Nikki Beach hotel.
  • During the installation of Plexiglass print.
  • Lambda C-Print with custom frame for Verina hotel.
  • Giclee Fine Art canvas for Verina hotel.
  • retouching

    In Photolab we give you the opportunity to be present during the processing of your files. This way you can be sure of the final outcome, watch the whole process, actively participate and add your own perspective and viewpoint.

    Our experienced and renowned staff, sophisticated computers and impeccably calibrated screens, guarantee an impeccable end result. An interpersonal relationship is also developed as we get to know each other better. Photolab is famous for its distinctive, friendly service and family environment that will make you feel at home! All you need to do is arrange an appointment with us.

  • scanning

    In Photolab we supply the correct digitization of original materials. It is no coincidence that public agencies, museums, private institutions, companies, photographers and artists, choose our laboratory to digitize their materials. From 135mm to 20x25cm formats and prints of up to 60x90cm.

    The lab has two of the best scanners. The Durst Sigma and Fujifilm Lanovia. The first is a high speed film scanner, the world's only hardware ICE technology. An infrared lamp scans the film over the course of digitization, mapping the exact locations where debris and scratches. Then a cleaning filter is applied only where needed with absolute precision. The result is truly impressive. The Fujifilm Lanovia is one of the best graphic arts scanners, scanning with amazing detail. It can also digitise any surface up to 60x90cm.

  • colour management

    Photolab implements a full colour management process that shares with its customers. Our aim is exactly what you see on your screen to be printed on any material with the method you choose. The lab has monitor calibrating systems that keep our screens in perfect function and performance. We can also calibrate your screen using X-Rite's best monitor calibrating devices.

    Any professional or amateur who wants to print on their printer, should have output icc profile, for each machine and each paper he intents to use. Photolab creates custom output icc profiles. Contact us to inform you in detail about the specific procedure.

  • finishing

    Photolab offers mounting materials such as, Dibond, Kapa, Forex, Simona, etc. The printing is mounted in the front of each material using a special thick adhesive (1mm) covering any debris or imperfections that may exist. Wall hanging is done directly from specific points of suspension. Four spacers on the back side of the material are installed, keeping it slightly away from the wall. In very large dimensions, one or more attachment points and four additional aluminum rods are placed (which help in maintaining the material's stiffness). Alternatively the suspension can be achieved using an aluminum frame.

High quality digital cutting, routing, shaping and engraving services on rigid materials or not.

Photographic, architecture, designing, industrial and commercial applications with the best digital cutter of the market, Zund G3.

Materials like plastic, plexiglas, wood, fabric, magnet, aluminium, paper, cardboard, sticky vinyl and more, can be easily cutted, shaped or engraved, on a low cost and excellent result.

Digital cutting, routing, shaping and engraving of rigid materials such as plastic, plexiglas, wood, fabric, magnet, aluminium, paper, cardboard and more. Maximum thickness of 32mm and up to 130x250cm maximum size.
Create your custom packaging by designing, cutting and creasing cardboards or choose among 300 standard international packaging, vector shapes.
Digital creasing of soft materials such as paper, cardboards, foams for any application demanding shaping or folding.
Digital cutting or shaping of fabric, leather, hat and more.
Create sticky letters, logos or custom shapes with the digital kiss cutting. Every product is delivered with transfer paper for the best final apply.
Create 3D letters and logos by wood, plastic, plexiglass, foam and much more.
Engraving applications on materials such as wood or plastic. You may choose the desired depth on engraving.
Diagonal cutting of soft materials such as foams and cardboards for applications which are demanding cutting on a specific angle.
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